Why Offer a Coding Bootcamp?

By 2020, there will be an estimated 1 million more computing jobs than qualified applicants for those positions. As modern businesses become more dependent on tech workers, the need to fill that skills gap is increasingly urgent. Universities are a natural fit to teach these skills, but launching a full program can be cumbersome. That’s where The Software Guild can help. We will provide instructors and proven curriculum that maintains your university’s reputation without a significant investment from your institution. Establishing a coding bootcamp at your university supports tech jobs in your area and helps to build a thriving community that can meet local technology needs.

The Software Guild offers the following tracks:

  • Java
  • .NET/C#

Why Choose The Software Guild?

As a coding bootcamp partner, The Software Guild provides many benefits:

A Turnkey Solution.

By partnering with The Software Guild, your university can offer a coding bootcamp with a minimal investment. If you provide the space and the equipment, we’ll provide the rest.

A Proven Curriculum.

The Software Guild has a track record of producing top-quality graduates through our rigorous, hands-on curriculum. You’ll be able to provide that same curriculum to your students.

Multiple Languages to Choose From.

We offer tracks in both Java and .NET/C#, two of the most in-demand languages in Fortune 500 businesses.

What We Offer

On-Campus Bootcamps

The Software Guild can work with you to establish a coding bootcamp at your campus, so your on-ground students can take advantage of our high-quality tech training. Our on-ground coding bootcamp programs can be completed in 12 weeks and are taught by Software Guild instructors. Part-time and hybrid options are also available.

Online Bootcamps

For students who cannot commit to a full-time program, universities can offer part-time online programs that offer the same rigorous curriculum, but in a more flexible setting. Online bootcamps can be completed in 10 months and are taught by Software Guild instructors.

Customized Content

The Software Guild can work with your university to create customized workshops and webinars. These workshops are written and presented by Software Guild instructors and can be tailored to meet the needs of your university and your students.

Our University Partners

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