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Our formula is simple: get master instructors involved with apprentices who have the aptitude and dedication to succeed. Our apprentices have drive, grit, and are eager to communicate with others. Don’t take it from us – see what our Software Guild Apprentices have to say!

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Prior to attending the Software Guild, I had a job. But now, I have a career in a field that I love, and that wouldn’t be possible without the Guild. I took a huge risk leaving a job that paid well to pursue something that I was passionate about. Before the course was even completed, I had already received an offer and started working the very next week in a great company where I can grow as a developer.

Garrett Johnson via CourseReport.com

I’ve been very happy with my experience. I have accepted a job as a junior developer with a company in the Guild’s hiring network, but prior to joining the Guild, I had little experience with coding. I was familiar with HTML and CSS, and had completed several tracks on Code Academy. Online tutorials are fine for learning syntax, but could not match the in-depth education I received in the Guild.

Lindsay Parker via CourseReport.com

I am so glad I did this. 3 months ago I had no technical background outside of having used a computer in day to day modern life. The outcome speaks for itself. I am now living in a new city that I am excited to explore. I am already learning another programming language, Visual Basic, for my new job next week. Actually, I have an endless quantity of new things to learn on a road to mastery I am privileged to travel.

Naomi Hoyt via Quora.com

Before the Software Guild, I was a dishwasher(past 4 years), had no degree, and basically no support system. If you are highly motivated, persistent, and self sufficient this program will be viable for you, regardless of your background.”

Michael Moxley via CourseReport.com

Many of my current co-workers have commented positively on my performance, and not just in respect to my background, but generally speaking for a junior software developer. This is where I must give Software Guild most of the credit. Their program not only taught me the technical skills that the industry needs, but also the soft skills necessary for a budding software developer to scale nicely into a senior-level practitioner– skills like project management, effective team communication, prioritization, and how to work efficiently.

If you’re truly interested in software development, I urge you to give Software Guild a shot. It is a positive, nurturing, and efficient learning environment. It is clear that Victor, Randall, and Sarah were given the gift to teach.

Andrew Tang via CourseReport.org

I went into The Software Guild hating and dreading Object Oriented Programming, since throughout the years I had tried and tried and tried to get my brain to wrap around the crazy concepts. What I learned at the Guild though, is that those concepts weren’t crazy at all.

The best thing that the Guild does for you is break down big concepts/problems into simple small ones you can understand and teaches you to do so on your own too.

Urvashi Atodaria via CourseReport.com

Eric Ward, our instructor was, and continues to be, a tremendous teacher and friend. He is at the cutting edge of his discipline and can still make any and all of these concepts accessible to the neophyte. He was supportive but pushed us to get better. He taught us concepts, best practices, and helped us get a feel for the new industry and what employers were looking for.

Take this course. Be great!

Ari Spiegler via TechEndo.com

So this is what everyone cares about. Did it work out? Was it worth it? In my opinion, yes. I came out of this program with several job offers, two locally, and one in Dayton, OH. I did end up taking a job here in Louisville and I couldn’t be more happy. I’m no longer doing manual labor and dealing with customers every day, instead I am designing and developing web applications that are accessed billions of times a year. I’ve went from a topped out telephone company wage with no upward mobility to entry level dev with no where to go but up and I’ve still added 20k to my salary. As long as you dedicate yourself to the program and do not allow yourself to fall behind in the coursework this endeavor will be worth it.

Dustin Biggs via CourseReport.com

The Guild had a profound impact on my life. I didn’t know I would like programming so much, let alone be good at it.The Guild helped me discover so much about myself – personally and professionally. I really felt like I was part of a family here, and I can definitely say this was one of the best summers of my life. I would not have gotten this much individualized attention if I had gone to one of the larger bootcamps.

Eden Full via Quora.com

As my current boss [yes, I did get a job!] has stated on numerous occasions, Eric teaches/shows his students “the right stuff.” So if you have the potential to grasp this material AND you put in some serious hard work, you will come out of this program with a solid foundation in ASP.NET C# programming.

Kevin Djordjevic via Quora.com

The classes helped round me as a developer and enabled me to write cleaner and better structured code.Eric will teach you methodologies that are current and keep you challenged throughout the length of the course.

I found a job doing what I love and I would highly recommend this to people who are equally as passionate about technology.

Anthony Corso via Quora.com