Graduate Spotlight

Miranda made a big career jump between two unrelated fields. “Prior to The Software Guild, I was working as a Clinical Dietitian in a hospital. And now, I just finished my first week as a Software Engineer at Walker Information in Indianapolis!”

The Software Guild Made this Transition Possible

My experience was great and definitely worth it, but it was not without challenges. I continued to work full time at the hospital while working on coding at night and on weekends. Most days, I came home from work and immediately started working on my projects. I did feel very supported by my instructor, Ishwar, who made sure we had weekly meetings and challenged me beyond the requirements of the course. I also really benefited from having the online community on Slack to reach out to when things got hard.”

When asked why she chose a coding bootcamp, Miranda reports, “I wanted the structure and guidance that came from an established program. It’s difficult to navigate all the information available to new programmers out there in order to teach yourself. The online program also allowed me to continue working and was more affordable, flexible, and quicker than returning to school for another degree.”

A Call for Change

“I was starting to find that health care wasn’t for me and had been exploring other opportunities. I quickly gravitated toward technology and started doing a lot of online tutorials trying to get a feel for if coding was for me before ultimately deciding to enroll in the Guild.”