“Everything I learned is applicable.” – Joseph Harper

Graduate Spotlight

After earning a non-technical bachelor’s degree from Kansas State University and landing a job as a software support technician with 17a-4 LLC, Joseph Harper decided to enhance his career options with a second degree in a progressive field. However, working full time made the prospect of going back to college seem nearly impossible.

“It would have taken me years to get a second degree,” Joseph said about his search for on-campus degree programs.

However, once Joseph heard about The Software Guild’s new partnership with Baker University, he knew he had discovered his best option. Soon after, Joseph enrolled in the new online coding bootcamp at the Baldwin City, Kansas, institution.

“I was able to continue working full time while completing the program because it was online,” Joseph said. “The accelerated program was a big factor.”

Designed for Success

With the dream of climbing the career ladder, Joseph began his online coding bootcamp and quickly discovered that the program offered the same support and thorough instruction as on-campus courses.

“The online program was a big convenience because it was available anywhere I was,” Joseph said of the perks of enrolling in an online coding bootcamp. “There was no set time. I could work on it at my own pace.”

Along with the online instructional videos and flexibility that accompanied the program, Joseph also benefited from the opportunity to discuss course materials with his Software Guild instructors when it best fit his schedule.

“They were really available any time,” Joseph said of his instructors. “Any time of the day, I could instant message them and they would respond. That was a very unique thing, and I was impressed with how easy it was to get in contact with them and get their feedback.”

The Skills Employers Want

Proving that diligence and dedication pay off, Joseph’s employers saw his potential and offered him a new opportunity shortly before he graduated from the coding bootcamp. Leaving his days as a software support technician behind, Joseph is now a proud Software Guild bootcamp graduate and is enjoying his new role as a software developer.

“Due to what I learned in the program, I was able to transition within my own company,” Joseph explained.

Because of its accelerated style, Joseph’s coding bootcamp fully prepared him for his exciting new career in just 10 months. In that short period of time, his professional role quickly transitioned from entry level to supervisory.

“I’m maintaining an internal web app for tracking client info and web services for software that we sell,” Joseph said of his new career. “I’m in charge of maintenance and implementing the web application for internal use within our company.”

The Software Guild is designed to help students learn quickly and succeed in new careers soon after graduation, which is why each of program is specifically focused.

“Everything I learned is applicable. My company is using .NET/C# and all of the other things I learned during the program,” Joseph noted. “It is pretty much a direct fit for what I’m working on.”

Endless Possibilities

With the help of The Software Guild and Baker University, Joseph has completely transformed his life and opened the door to a more successful future. And although he’s happy in his new career, Joseph said he knows his potential is unstoppable.

“My goal is to continue to grow my technical skills and work on something bigger,” Joseph said of his future goals.

And when asked to offer tips for future Software Guild bootcamp students, Joseph offered up some simple advice. “Follow the program; it does a good job of keeping everything focused. If you put in the work, you’re going to learn the skills you need.