"At The Software Guild, they really do care about you."

Graduate Spotlight

Dissatisfied with settling for “random jobs” in the tech industry, Greg Tiu decided it was time to pursue a career he could get excited about.

“I wasn’t happy with what I was doing,” said Greg, 28. “I wanted to actually create stuff.”

An opportunity to help develop a mobile app inspired Greg to explore coding as a way to revitalize his stagnant career path.

“I wanted a skill I could point to and say, ‘I can do this and not many other people can do it,’” he said.

Programs That Stand Out

In researching coding bootcamps, The Software Guild stood out among the others. A graduate of Xavier University in Cincinnati, Greg landed at the .NET/C# program just down the road in Louisville.

“The other bootcamps around me didn’t really stand out,” he said.

Before enrolling at The Software Guild, Greg admitted he was intimidated by the idea of coding. But the Guild’s highly skilled instructors cultivated relationships with bootcamp apprentices and aspired to see them achieve their goals of becoming software developers.

“They really want you to succeed,” Greg said. “I heard horror stories of places that just want your money. At The Software Guild, they really do care about you.”

Developing Skills and Making Connections

Now an SQL developer with a major Louisville-based housing company, Greg said he is fortunate to have a job that is focused on professional growth. And the education he received at The Software Guild has him well-positioned to advance.

“It’s challenging, but I think the Guild did a good job of painting the picture of what your first development job would be like,” Greg said. “What separates the Guild is the job opportunities that you can land.”

A self-professed gamer, Greg said he soon wants to steer his coding and software development skills into creating video games, something he’s already started doing as a side project.

“To think that I can one day make my own video game blows my mind,” he said.

'Make it Count'

Greg encourages others who are interested in coding, but aren’t sure whether to choose a 12-week bootcamp program or spend four years studying at a university to go ahead and check out The Software Guild.

“More and more people are starting to realize bootcamp people can code just as well as someone coming from a computer science program,” he said.

And although three months sounds quick, Software Guild bootcamps are intense, Greg pointed out. And in the end, it’s worth it.

“There’s a lot of stress,” he said, “but if it’s not stressful and hard, then it’s not worth doing.”

But, Greg suggests only committing if “you are passionate about it” and want to succeed.

“Make it count,” he urged. “Be prepared to put in a lot of late nights. Make the Guild your life for three months. I wouldn’t hesitate to make the choice all over again.”