“I wanted to make a change and rewrite the future.”

Graduate Spotlight

Greg Svoboda had started a high-end knife sharpening business, yet he longed for a career that would allow him to have a stable income and family time with his wife and two children. He already had a bachelor’s and master’s degree, so he knew additional college wasn’t right for him. “I wanted to make a change and rewrite the future,” Greg said.

Greg began researching the tech industry and coding bootcamps. He visited The Software Guild’s location in Akron and spoke to an instructor, who was patient and answered all of his questions. “I said, ‘If this is the kind of teacher the Guild has, this is where I want to be,’” Greg said. He also wanted to attend an on-site coding bootcamp.

Personal Connections

Greg’s favorite aspect of his Software Guild education was working closely with his classmates. “The human interaction was the best part,” he said. When he graduated in January 2016, he had more than a dozen job interviews and several offers.

He accepted a position as a junior developer for OnShift, building software for managing staff at nursing homes. He is a full-stack developer, writing for both the database and front end. “The people that work here are amazing,” Greg said. “We’re making cool products that make the job easier for people that care for my grandparents.”

In his new position, Greg enjoys the collaborative team spirit and the sense of accomplishment that comes with working together. He even works with four other Software Guild graduates on a team of 20 at OnShift.

The Software Guild prepared him to tackle languages other than Java. He’s now working with Python. “Efficient code is efficient code,” Greg said. “The Software Guild taught best practices. What carried over was … communication and the agile way of writing software.”

New Future

Greg’s new life is going so well that he was able to give away his knife-sharpening business to a friend who was unemployed. “Because of the Guild, I got a job that I can use to provide for my family,” Greg said. “I have a lot more freedom.”

Greg recommends The Software Guild to those who are humble and teachable. “Your kindness and willingness to help other people is what is going to get you a job,” he said. “I’m incredibly thankful for the Guild.”