What Is A Computer Systems Analyst?

Computer systems analysts evaluate a company’s computer systems, then suggest and implement modifications to improve the efficiency of the company’s operations. An analyst must understand both business and IT, recognizing the needs and limitations of both sides, and then creating solutions.

Computer systems analysts are often brought in to help with cost savings; sometimes, entirely new computer systems are implemented to increase an organization’s overall effectiveness.

Specific duties of a computer systems analyst may include:

Work Environment

Some analysts work in-house at a company or organization, but others work as freelancers or contractors, typically under the direction of an IT firm. Large projects tend to require analysts to work with other computer specialists.

Most analysts work full time. Telecommuting is common when working with clients, but large, complex projects often require analysts to travel for meetings.

Largest Employers of Computer Systems Analysts

Computer systems design and related services 27%
Finance and insurance 13%
Management of companies and enterprises 8%
Information 8%
State and local government, excluding education and hospitals 5%

Expectations: Salary and Career Advancement

The salaries of computer systems analysts vary based on experience, location and the size of the employer. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual wage for computer systems analysts is $87,220. This career is expected to have higher-than-average growth (21 percent) by 2024. This growth can be attributed to the increased reliance on technology by companies and organizations across all industries.

Education and Other Qualifications

Many companies require analysts to hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science, math or a related field, but those interested in this occupation should also consider The Software Guild’s bootcamp program.

The Software Guild offers a bootcamp program for potential computer systems analysts of all skill levels. Regardless of whether students are familiar with coding and computer systems or they just want to learn more, The Software Guild’s program will teach future computer systems analysts the skills necessary to find positions in a variety of exciting industries.