At The Software Guild, we believe in preparing our students for the workforce in every way we can, no matter where they are in their programming careers. While technical skills are obviously the foundation of that preparation, we also provide job-specific support for our students, including resume help, mock interviews and access to an employer network with more than 450 employers. Apprentices can take advantage of:

Employer Network Access

Our network of more than 450 employers is available to every Software Guild apprentice and graduate in good standing with the Guild. Through this network, apprentices can forge valuable connections, learn about upcoming roles and advance their careers at graduation and beyond.

Portfolio Development

Employers want to see a portfolio when hiring prospective developers, and The Software Guild helps apprentices build that portfolio with the capstone project. Each capstone project is a practical test of the apprentice’s skill and a finished product to show employers.

Resume and Social Media Help

Building an effective resume is a critical skill you have to learn, and it’s one that can be acquired at The Software Guild. We help apprentices create resumes that convey their expertise and value clearly and concisely, so employers notice them. But employers look at more than the resume, so we help apprentices put their best foot forward on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We offer even more career services than these, including:

  • Profile Meetings. We’ll meet with you about your background and your goals so we can help you build a path to your chosen career.
  • Career Panel. Meet successful professionals in the area, and find out what got them there.
  • Alumni Panel. Talk to Software Guild graduates and learn about their experiences with the Guild.
  • Mock Interviews. Sharpen your interview skills with Guild staff.
  • Follow-up Email Help. Learn to write a good interview follow-up email, so prospective employers remember you.
  • Employer Connect Events. Connect with prospective employers during a speed dating-style event.
  • Job Search Coaching and Career Planning. Work with your employer network manager to make sure your job search is focusing on the right areas.
  • Job Postings and Connections. Get access to job postings from alumni and others in our employer network.

How Career Support Works

Create a Profile

We talk to students individually to create high-level profiles that help us better understand how to serve your career needs.

Revise Your Resume

We work with each student to ensure that your resume tells the right story to employers. This includes working with LinkedIn, so you’re showing your best side to the world.

Learn About Career Paths

We hold a special event designed to help you understand what paths you can take, what employers are looking for and how to be a successful junior developer.

Attend Mock Interviews

The job interview is a crucial moment in a developer’s career hunt, so we provide training specifically to that moment. Our mock interviews give you the practice you need to become comfortable in a live situation.

Connect With Employers

All of this work culminates at the Employer Connect event. This internal, invite-only event gives you an opportunity to talk directly to employers.

Start the Search

If you’re still looking for your first job as a developer after graduation, we create a personalized search plan for you based on your needs, and we do everything we can to provide you the best opportunities for success.

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