Step up to a coding career

Earn Coding Badges to learn software development one skillset at a time.

Coding bootcamps put you on a fast track to a programming career. By providing immersive training on a compressed schedule, you can speed your way to project-ready skills. But not everyone can reserve three months for nonstop training. That’s why the Software Guild is excited to launch our new Coding Badges. We help you master .NET/C# or Java one skillset at a time.

Learn On Your Terms

  • Learn in stages
    Begin with the Level 1 Badge to learn programming basics in .NET/C# or Java. After earning your first badge, you’ll have a new credential for your resume and LinkedIn profile. But don’t stop there. Earn all four badges to develop full-stack skills that can launch your coding career.
  • Learn when you want
    You can obtain all four badges in as fast as 10 months or take a brief break between badges. This flexible schedule helps you keep your job while you learn to code.
  • Learn where you want
    Training takes place online, giving you freedom to learn wherever you choose. Collaborate with instructors and classmates from home, school or anywhere you have internet access.

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Pay As You Go & Earn Discounts Along the Way

In our budget-friendly program, we divide tuition into four stages.

Pay smaller fees one badge at a time, with the option to pause the program between badges. You can earn the next badge — and develop your next set of skills — when you’re ready.

Take the budget-friendly route to a coding career. For each badge you earn, we provide a helpful discount for your next badge.

For example, after you earn a Server-Side Web Development badge, you will qualify for $500 off a Full-Stack Development badge.

Discounts total up to $1,000 as you pursue all four badges!


Resume-building Credentials

Our master instructors teach qualifications and technologies that employers want most.

We offer tracks in .NET/C# and Java.

Tracks Time to complete Cost Sections
LEVEL 1: Programming Basics Two months $2,000 A. Basics (60 hours)
B. Classes and Objects (60 hours)
LEVEL 2: Object-Oriented Programming Three months $3,000


($2,750 with Level 1 badge completion discount)

A. Intermediate (60 hours)
B.  Advanced (60 hours)
C. Mastery Project (120 hours)
LEVEL 3: Server-Side Web Development Two months $2,000


($1,750 with Level 2 badge completion discount)

A. Consuming and Creating REST Web Services (60 hours)
B. Server-Side Programming (60 hours)
LEVEL 4: Full-Stack Development  Three months $3,000


($2,500 with Level 3 badge completion discount)

A. Database Basics (60 hours)
B. Full-Stack Database Application (60 hours)
C. Capstone and Career Support (120 hours)

Get started

Get in touch with an enrollment counselor today to enroll in the badge program. Software Guild’s enrollment counselors will review requirements and help you start the program.

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