Why Online?

Rigor and Flexibility

The Software Guild’s online coding bootcamp is available for those who need more flexibility in their schedule or who aren’t able to move to Akron, Minneapolis or Louisville to attend an on-ground bootcamp. You don’t need to move or commit to a full-time curriculum to learn a programming language; you can do it from wherever you are, on your own schedule.

Our online coding bootcamp offers the same level of quality and rigor as our on-ground bootcamps. We hold our online instructors to the same level of quality and experience as our on-ground instructors, and you can expect to learn the same skills online as you would on ground.

As long as you have 20 hours per week to devote to learning to code and an internet connection, you can learn a programming language in 10 months.

Where Online Alumni Work

Program Tracks

No matter where you are in your career, we have the program to help you take the next step. Our program tracks empower you to learn the skills you need, fast.

Our Instructors

A Passion for Teaching

Our online instructors love to teach. They’ve worked in a variety of industries, from gaming to real estate, and have a vast depth of knowledge in a variety of areas of computer science, including database management, systems analysis and mobile development. Each of our online instructors joined The Software Guild because they wanted to work directly with students to help them achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

Tuition & Start Dates

Application Deadline Start Date Program Price
September 15, 2017 October 2, 2017 .NET/C# Bootcamp $12,000
September 15, 2017 October 2, 2017 Java Bootcamp $12,000
October 20, 2017 November 6, 2017 Java Bootcamp $12,000
October 20, 2017 November 6, 2017 .NET/C# Bootcamp $12,000
October 20, 2017 November 6, 2017 Android Development $7,500
November 17, 2017 December 4, 2017 Java Bootcamp $12,000
November 17, 2017 December 4, 2017 .NET/C# Bootcamp $12,000
November 17, 2017 December 4, 2017 Android Development $7,500

Career Services

Our online students get the same access to career services and employer network managers that our on-ground students do. We help our apprentices prepare for their job search by offering resume help, interview training and networking opportunities with employers.

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Test Yourself

Not sure if software development is for you? Try our free online Introduction to Web Development course. Apprentices for beginner-level bootcamps .NET/C# and Java are required to take this course, because it helps prepare you for your time as an apprentice by teaching you the basics of Git, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Projects you complete in this course will be discussed during the first weeks of the Java and .NET/C# cohorts.

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How to Apply

Filling out our application form is the first step on your road to becoming a junior developer or advancing to a master-level skill set. A member of our enrollment team will reach out to ask you additional questions and answer any questions you may have.

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