Have you ever thought about taking your interest in web development to the next level, but aren’t sure where to start? The Software Guild can help! Our new online Introduction to Web Development course is a perfect way to explore this field without having to commit to a traditional program. The best part? It’s absolutely FREE.

This is a custom course in which you will access lesson maps and demo The Software Guild style and coursework. The course allows you a glimpse into the world of web development through exploring the most common technologies used in web applications.

This class is a great way to learn if programming is right for you and to see what a more intensive program at The Software Guild involves. Those who do well in the Introduction to Web Development course have a high likelihood of succeeding at The Software Guild, as the material prepares you for a selective coding bootcamp.

You’ll be able to collaborate with other learners, interact with The Software Guild staff and alumni, and see if you’re ready to take the next step into a more involved program. Take a look at this information that outlines the four sub-courses in the Introduction to Web Development course: Git, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

How to start learning:

1) Create a GitHub account to login
2) Return HERE to course homepage
3) Continue with first section GIT
4) Upon completing each section return to homepage until finished with 2-4


A source control system that enables teams to collaborate on applications and individual developers to keep track of revisions to their code. The Git course provides a very simple look at this technology and provides users with a way to start safely keeping track of their work.

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A descriptive syntax used for organizing content into documents to be transmitted across networks and transformed into visual representations for the end user to consume. It is the skeleton of any webpage. The HTML course provides an introduction to how HTML is used and teaches the basics of constructing a webpage.

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A syntax used in conjunction with HTML to define stylistic aspects of webpages. CSS allows for separation of the structure from the style. The CSS course introduces the use of stylesheets and selectors in making webpages visually appealing.

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A JavaScript language used to provide interactivity and logic to otherwise static webpages. The JavaScript course introduces some of the basic programming concepts used not just in JavaScript, but in virtually all programming languages. You learn about variables, conditionals, loops and functions — then apply these concepts to create functional pages that do more than just deliver content.

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