What Employers Are Saying

Our formula is simple: get master instructors involved with apprentices who have the aptitude and dedication to succeed. Our apprentices have drive, grit, and are eager to communicate with others. Don’t take it from us – see what employers of our graduates have to say!

AmTrust Financial has been pleased to have a relationship with the Software Guild for at least a couple of years now. We’ve found that those who have made the sacrifice to switch careers or further take the time to build on prior development knowledge at the Guild have benefitted greatly from the fine instructors and the curriculum offered.

The Guild teaches applicable technical fundamentals for what we look for in employees that often is not exposed in smaller software shops or college. The Guild also seems to draw great people who have the work ethic and the aptitude to take on a development position and excel.

Overall, we prefer interviewing and selecting apprentices from the Guild for our entry level positions because the track record has proven over time that their ability to contribute and understand our architecture has been exceptional

Chris Weizer, Systems Manager at Amtrust

Garrett has integrated into our team and getting to hold more of the reins. We feel like we had a good read on his personality, but we were surprised at how well he has absorbed difficult concepts. We get to see the full picture now, and I couldn’t be happier. Garrett is able to hang with me when I get in the zone, without getting lost, and then he can repeat difficult concepts I have gone over.

David Dieruf, Senior Developer at Streamline Payments

It’s been great partnering with your group for our entry level Software Engineering needs here at CH Robinson…We look forward to continuing our partnership for future hiring needs.

Andy Peterson, Senior Technical Recruiter at CH Robinson

We hired a graduate of the Minneapolis Software Guild Bootcamp, and despite not having learned the language we primarily use (PHP), she was able to leverage her training to ramp up quickly and begin making real contributions her first week on the job. Since then, she has continued to grow in both her skills as well as her role within the company. We will definitely continue to work with The Software Guild to meet our technology staffing needs.

Mike Phenow, LinkUp

Naomi’s GitHub profile was very good and our client was impressed. She was very professional and well put together. She was confident, yet very coachable and ready to learn. Naomi was thrown into development work right away, and our client was very impressed with her willingness to jump right in.

Andrea Donoghue, Technical Recruiter at MurTech Staffing & Solutions

We hired Anna from The Software Guild and she has quickly become our best tester. The program gave her a solid foundation in coding techniques and more importantly taught her how to size up and break down problems. She was able to hit the ground running and handles what has taken other developers on my team months to learn. The next need I have I will look to the Guild first.

David Basarab, Software Development Manager at CineMassive

The Software Guild Bootcamp in Minneapolis has been a great partner for my recruiting needs at Modis. With the help of the Software Guild I have placed one talented and bright individual at a local company. They have also helped me expand my network of local talent. Their staff is helpful and friendly and great advocates for their students. They truly work with some of the best, brightest, and most personable IT professionals I have come across.

Bailey Moon, Resource Development Manager at Modis

The Software Guild Bootcamp in Akron is an amazing resource. Software Guild has provided us with multiple top-notch students. The staff is passionate and extremely dedicated to making sure they are meeting our needs. Thank you, Software Guild!

Hannah Laps, Director of Hiring at Patriot Software

Working with the Software Guild was a very positive experience and I really liked the Employer Connect Event. Dustin has no problem communicating and fitting in with the team. We tried two years of traditional recruiting and we were just not happy with the results, so we would not hesitate to hire more Guild apprentices.

Mendy McLandsborough, Manager of Product Development at SMC3

SG apprentices hit the ground running. There is virtually no ramp up time. Within the first few days, the apprentice is programming and adding immediate value to the project. He or she is already equipped to participate in projects for some of our most challenging client assignments.

Chuck Mackey, Senior Program Director at Avantia, Inc.