Why It Pays to Invest in Your Workers

On average, the cost to replace a salaried worker is equivalent to roughly six to nine months of the worker’s salary. For an employee with a salary of $40,000 per year, you could pay $20,000 to $30,000 on recruitment and training alone.* While the cost of hiring new employees is a necessary one for any business, investing in corporate training for your existing employees can produce a skilled workforce at a much lower cost — a workforce you’re much more likely to retain.

*Zane Benefits Small Business Employee Benefits and HR Blog 2016

*Zane Benefits Small Business Employee Benefits and HR Blog 2016

Benefits of Our Partnership

Employers that capitalize on The Software Guild’s corporate training services can take advantage of:

  • Bootcamp tracks in Java, .NET/C#, cyber security or Android development
  • Training program tailored to suit your business
  • Improved employee retention
  • Preserving institutional knowledge
  • Multiple modality options, including on-site, on campus, online or blended
  • Partner preferred tuition rates

“The Guild … seems to draw great people who have the work ethic and the aptitude to take on a development position and excel.”

— Chris Weizer, Systems Manager at AmTrust

“They truly work with some of the best, brightest, and most personable IT professionals I have come across.”

— Bailey Moon, Resource Development Manager at Modis

“Software Guild has provided us with multiple top-notch students. The staff is passionate and extremely dedicated to making sure they are meeting our needs.”

— Hannah Laps, Director of Hiring at Patriot Software

What Sets Us Apart

You have many choices for corporate training solutions, but at The Software Guild, you gain a unique partner committed to your success. We do things differently, including focusing on:

Your Business, Understood.

We take time to understand your business needs and find the right solution for you. Then, we work with you as a full partner to make sure you meet your goals.

A Training Program Tailored to Your Business.

Every company is unique. We work with your business to find unique solutions for you.

Maximum Value, Minimum Time.

You have a busy schedule and so do your employees. Our program can be customized to fit the schedule and time frame you require.

Top-Notch Training.

Our instructors have more than 10 years of experience. Our program is designed to ensure that your employees learn and retain skills applicable to their work.

The Skills Businesses Need.

We focus our teaching on the languages most in use by companies, including .NET/C# and Java, so your employees are ready to hit the ground running right away.

Affordable Hiring and Reduced Turnover.

An education from The Software Guild is a fraction of the cost of hiring and training a new employee, and investing in employees helps reduce costly turnover.

Cyber Security


The Software Guild is partnering with HackerUSA, Israel’s flagship IT and cyber security academy to offer instruction for individuals interested in upskilling to a career in cyber security. HackerUSA utilizes Israel’s cyber security elite to create a world-class program for your employees.

The Guild strives to provide relevant curriculum to incumbent IT Professionals. Cyber security is an area of great need to organizations in the United States, as evidenced by frequent, high profile breaches. Therefore, The Software Guild is launching three training pathways to provide cutting edge curriculum for anyone who wants to pursue a career in cyber security.



Software Guild Talent System

The business world is changing rapidly, and information technology is becoming an increasingly embedded part of it. However, employers frequently have trouble finding skilled candidates to fill IT positions in their companies because traditional training modules are having trouble keeping pace.

The Software Guild’s mission is to help close this skills gap so employers can find the talent they need and promising developers can get the skills they need to fill those positions. Enter the talent system, The Software Guild’s method for ensuring that employers have access to the top talent and the training programs they need.

In this white paper, Software Guild Talent System, hear from Software Guild co-founder and Chief Academic Officer Eric Wise as he explains the benefits and principles of the talent system.

View the white paper

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