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November 6, 2017


Our Android development training course helps you sharpen your coding skills so that you can develop apps for Android devices. This part-time online course allows you to learn Android development in as few as 16 weeks.

Course Details

Getting Started (10 hours)

Learn to download and install Android Studio and the Genymotion Emulator, and to create and run a simple project.

Introduction to Android (10 hours)

Learn about the Android operating system and its history, as well as getting an overview of the Android OS framework.

Tour of Android Studio (20 hours)

Get an introduction to Android Studio, the tool you’ll be using to develop your own Android apps.

The Business Card App (40 hours)

Learn to create a simple business card app with two screens. This module functions as an introduction to XML, Layouts, Activities and more.

The Concerts App, Part 1 (40 hours)

Use a third-party API to download concert dates for a musical artist, then feed those dates into a database using SQLite. You’ll also learn the basics of giving your app a polished UI.

The Concerts App, Part 2 (40 hours)

Refine your concerts app and give it search functionality, help it interface more efficiently with your database and learn the basics of debugging the app.

The Concerts App, Part 3 (40 hours)

Integrate even more features into your concerts app, including alarms and notifications, editable settings and the ability to create a publish-subscribe relationship using broadcasts.

The Concerts App, Part 4 (40 hours)

Refine your concerts app’s user interface with Material Design, give it transition animations and learn to implement app widgets that display information on the Android home screen.

Publishing and Distribution (10 hours)

Learn how to publish and distribute your app on the Google Play Store. Work with the developer console, and learn to build app flavors and release a completed .apk.

Learning Online

Learning online is a different experience from learning in a structured classroom setting. Here’s what you can expect.

Structure Your Week

You have control over when you work on your Software Guild projects and the pace at which you learn. We estimate you’ll need to spend about 20 hours per week on Software Guild tasks in order to complete your training on time.

Talk to Your Instructor

You have access to your instructor when you need help, via email and Slack. Our online instructors are available to answer your questions, help you through difficult tasks and point you in the right direction. Using Canvas, instructors can give you feedback about your work and help you find the solutions to problems.

Work With Classmates

Just because you’re learning from home doesn’t mean you’re on your own. You’ll be participating in this course with other Software Guild students, and you can talk to them on Slack when you need to. Talking to your fellow students can be a great way to work through tricky problems together.



Why The Software Guild?

Advanced Training

We design our courses to meet students at their experience level. Our mobile development training course requires prior knowledge of Java, so we can focus on teaching experienced programmers the skills needed to develop for Android. Instructors use tools such as code reviews, videos and readings to help students gain relevant knowledge.

Soft Skills Training

Knowing how to code isn’t enough in the modern workforce. At The Software Guild, you’ll learn how to communicate, think critically and work as part of a team.

Access to Employers

Our network of more than 450 employers is growing every day and gives Guildies an advantage in the job market.

Guild for Life

You’ll learn practical, relevant skills that apply outside the classroom, from experienced master instructors in a hands-on setting. No matter where you are in your programming career, The Software Guild has courses to help you develop yourself further.

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Tuition & Start Dates

App Deadline Start Date Location Price
October 20, 2017 November 6, 2017 Online $7,500
November 17, 2017 December 4, 2017 Online $7,500


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