Those who are passionate about technology and computer programming may be interested in becoming a software developer. The Software Guild offers a 12-week boot camp program for potential developers of all skill levels. Regardless of whether you’re familiar with Java and .NET/C#, or just want to learn more, The Software Guild’s program will teach future developers the languages necessary to become (and stay) employed in a number of industries.

What Does a Software Developer Do?

It is the job of a software developer to write computer programs or applications used to work or carry out specific tasks on computers, smart phones, iPads or other devices. Some software developers create the operating systems on which these devices run. Specific job duties of software developers include:

• Designing, testing and creating software
• Suggesting upgrades for clients’ programs and systems
• Creating pieces of applications and planning ahead for how the pieces will fit together
• Ensuring that software functions correctly via regular maintenance
• Documenting the details of how an application or system was built, clearly enough for another person to come in and perform maintenance and upgrades
• Collaborating with other computer specialists

When it comes to developing a software program from the ground up, developers start by trying to understand how the client wants to use the software – what is the end purpose? They create the program, then write code and begin testing. Through trial and error, developers learn more about the client’s needs. If the client finds the early versions of the program less user-friendly than they’d envisioned, the developer may go back several times to make improvements. Once a client is pleased with the program, the developer releases it to them for use, but may stay in touch to provide training or perform maintenance.

Software developers typically find themselves working alongside computer programmers. However, many companies require developers to write computer code themselves instead of delegating to a team.

Expectations: Salary and Career Advancement

The salary of a software developer will vary based on location, the size of the company for which they work and their level of experience. The annual median wage for developers in May 2012 was $90,060 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment for those in this occupation is expected to grow 22 percent by the year 2022.

Most software developers work more than 40 hours per week. However, the more expertise in programming one can gain, the more employable he or she becomes. Job prospects grow with experience knowledge of current programming tools and languages.

To advance in the software development field, developers must begin supervising projects from the first phase through completion. Software developers who are successful at managing the demands of this process are sometimes promoted to IT project managers. Though the demands and responsibilities of an IT manager’s job are larger than that of a software developer, they are also better paid and may have more flexible schedules.

Education and Other Qualifications

Some companies require developers to hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, but TSG’s program is a great option for those serious about working as a software developer. Program enrollees will receive staff expertise and personalized attention they may not get in traditional classrooms. Additionally, this boot camp is intended to help students master the development of projects, start to finish, in a collaborative, hands-on way. Students will come away from this program having built a portfolio that proves to employers they have what it takes to perform in the real world.