The tech industry is growing fast. Employment in computer-based occupations is expected to grow 20 percent through the year 2022, largely in response to the expansion of technology in key industries. Health care, e-commerce and manufacturing are just some of the sectors that rely more on tech skills than ever before.


Increased Demand

It’s no surprise that this widespread growth has led to a corresponding increase in demand for skilled professionals like software developers and computer programmers. Industry reports, including from Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, suggest that there is a serious shortage of qualified computer programmers, a trend that is only expected to increase.

New coding languages and the explosion of mobile devices are contributing to this trend. There are officially more gadgets in the world than there are people, and trained developers will play an even more central role in the functioning of both the business world and everyday life.

Java and .NET are the most popular languages for job postings in the U.S.

Java and .NET are the most popular languages for job postings in the U.S.

Salary Potential

Careers in the tech field are in high demand, and trained professionals can expect impressive salaries: In 2014, the average salary for tech professionals was $89,450. Since 2010, salaries have continued to increase at a steady rate. Between 2010 and 2014 alone, they went up over $10,000 per year.

Desirable Skills

In particular, skills related to Java and C#/.NET are valuable to employers because they are in widespread use across enterprises. The C#/.NET framework enables developers to build a wide variety of applications, allowing software developers to create Windows client applications, XML Web services and more. It’s a smart choice for programmers who are interested in pursuing careers in the business world.

Java enables developers to write applications that can be run on almost any operating system. It is integrated into popular Web browsers and can be applied to work on virtually every Internet-connected device out there, making it valuable to those who are ready for a career in the tech sector.

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