Why the World Needs More Women in Tech Infographic


Why the World Needs More Women in Technology

Women are underrepresented in the tech industry, which is projected to contribute to the shortage of tech workers in the future. To top it off, women who are currently filling these roles face discrimination and sexism in the workplace. The answer is pretty simple: Hire more women in tech and treat them better.

Supply and Demand

But women only represent 30% of IT employees. So the demand is high, and the reward is even higher. Many companies are facing a tech employee shortage, yet women are often overlooked for many positions.

Women who enter IT jobs earn 33% more than women in traditional roles.

Percentage of women in computing occupations

Operations Research Analysts 51%
Database Administrators 38%
Computer Systems Analysts 34%
Web Developers 34%
Computer and Information Systems Managers 27%
Computer Support Specialists 26%
Computer Programmers 21%
Information Security Analysts 20%
Computer and Information Research Scientists 19%
Software Developers 18%
Network and Computer Systems Administrators 16%
Computer Hardware Engineers 13%
Computer Network Architects 12%


Why It’s Important to Hire Women

Demand for skilled tech professionals is increasing.

By 2020, it is estimated that there will be more than 1 million more computing jobs than applicants who can fill them.

Employing more women in tech has the power to address the high amount of discrimination over time.


Percentage of both men and women who see gender discrimination as a problem in the tech industry


Percentage of women in Silicon Valley who have experienced unwanted sexual advances in the workplace

Women’s voices in tech add new and unique perspectives to products and services.

In fact, in a study of more than 100 teams at 21 companies, teams with equal number men and women were more likely to experiment, be creative and fulfill tasks.

Research shows that increasing diversity in tech would affect future buying trends.


Percentage of overall consumer spending controlled by women.

Women account for $7 trillion of U.S. consumer spending.

Walking the Walk

Companies need to act now to fix the issues of unequal and discriminatory work environments. To help solve these problems, leaders in the industry should:

  • Provide education to employees and new hires regarding the complex issue of the gender gap in tech.
  • Prioritize safe environments for current women workers.
  • Admit and discuss company shortcomings with higher-ups, including implementing a plan for change.
  • Avoid simply saying their company is diverse without assessing the truth.
  • Ask for feedback on a continuing basis from female employees.
  • Consider all candidates fairly when promoting from within or putting together new creative teams.

Companies Hiring Women NOW

These companies are looking to close the gender gap in tech. (8,9,10)


This LA financial tech company has a staff comprised of 40% women.


Hireology makes applicant tracking software for HR departments, and 50% of their employees are now women. And since 2015, their client base has nearly doubled from 2,000 to 3,800.

C.H. Robinson

This well-known supply chain management company is searching for women to place in tech roles, with opportunities in Minneapolis, MN and Louisville, KY.


Target’s CEO, Brian Cornell, actively supports Catalyst, a nonprofit organization that works to advance women in leadership. In 2016, Cornell was appointed to Catalyst’s board of directors.

Words of Wisdom

Let’s end with some inspirational words by women blazing the trail in the tech industry.

 “It started when I was in high school and throughout my time learning, I always had a female math teacher, or science teachers, a role model—who made me not question if women could be successful in that field. Having more role models is really important.” –Leah Busque, Co-founder and Executive Chairwoman of TaskRabbit

“I think the playing field is a lot more level than people let on. So one of the biggest challenges for me has been realizing that…It’s very rewarding when you finally realize that everyone is just human.” –Sara Haider, staff engineer at Periscope

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