So…why would you? Other bootcamps seemingly have hipper, more cutting edge technology and, let’s face it, Java is pretty stodgy, right? Well, if you really take a look at the Java ecosystem I think you’ll see that nothing could be further from the truth.

Java, it’s everywhere you want to be…

When you install Java the splash screen says it all – Java runs on over 3 Billion devices. More important than the sheer number of devices, though, is the fact that Java is used in the enterprise by companies that demand high performance, stability, scalability, integration with other systems, and proven reliability.

Java also has a big role in the Big Data revolution – many of the leading Big Data frameworks are written in Java – Hadoop, Cassandra, and HBase for example. These tools are used throughout industry to process mountains of data in an efficient manner.

It’s all about the platform…

Java is just one of many languages that run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) platform. Not a fan of Java itself? How about about one of these JVM languages?

  • Groovy – Java’s dynamic cousin
  • Scala – a hybrid functional/object oriented JVM language
  • Clojure – often referred to a “LISP done right”
  • JRuby – Ruby on the JVM
  • Jython – Python on the JVM

Perhaps you are looking for a framework that allows you to rapidly develop web applications ala Ruby on Rails? Meet Grails – rapid web application development backed up by all the goodness of the JVM.

What about Node.js you say? Node.js meet Vert.x – an event driven server framework that allows you to code not only in JavaScript but also Java, Ruby, Python, CoffeScript, and Groovy.


It is a great time to be a Java developer – this certainly isn’t your father’s JVM! The communities that have sprung up around Java technology are vibrant, strong, and very innovative. The open source nature of the languages, tools, and the platform itself make for a very dynamic and forward looking ecosystem. No matter what type of application or language style you are interested in – there is a place for you here.

Eric Ward
Lead Java Instructor