Studies show that the number of computer-related careers has grown to comprise 70% of all science, technology, engineering and mathematics jobs. Many of these jobs are in the dynamic field of coding, which affects every aspect of business. At the same time as demand is growing, the skills gap for those jobs is widening, with not enough people available to meet demand.

Rather than enrolling in a multi-year degree program, many students are opting to enhance their career potential and become professionals through short, intensive training courses known as coding bootcamps. And though there are several routes to becoming a professional software developer, bootcamps have proven to be one of the most progressive and successful options for thousands of professionals who have embarked on coding careers.

Online coding bootcamps offer valuable flexibility and convenience for busy individuals. The Software Guild offers both in-person coding bootcamps and online coding bootcamps that are designed to fit into active schedules without sacrificing any unique factors of the traditional bootcamp experience. With its master instructors, thorough curriculum and experiential opportunities, The Software Guild has developed an exceptional online educational program.


The Benefits of an Online Coding Bootcamp

Convenient for Busy, Working Professionals

Whether a student’s schedule is filled with family obligations, a pressing full-time job or a demanding combination of both, attending classes on campus every week can be a challenge. The Software Guild’s online coding bootcamp provides schedule flexibility that allows students to complete coursework on their own time while still maintaining a full-time job.

Completing a coding bootcamp online also has exceptional value for students who do not live near a bootcamp location. With the increasing rate of available coding positions nationwide, relocating shouldn’t be required to land the career of your dreams; it also shouldn’t be necessary to attend the school of your dreams. One of the unique facets of The Software Guild’s online coding bootcamp is students can complete all coursework at their own pace from wherever it’s most convenient, making the program available to students all over the country.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Networking with other professionals within an industry can open doors to great opportunities. The Software Guild makes it easy to develop that network by connecting students to more than 450 potential employers. In addition to an employer network, The Software Guild also features a robust alumni network of more than 600 graduates. Students can ask questions, get advice and generally learn from those who have gone before.

According to graduate Kirsten Ruge, The Software Guild network and proven curriculum both played major roles in her career success. Like numerous graduates, Kirsten said her experience at The Software Guild completely transformed her life. Previously a struggling part-time waitress, she’s now a successful full-time automation engineer at RedBrick Health. “The chances of ending up somewhere better than you are now are very high,” she said.

Additionally, apprentices of The Software Guild’s online coding bootcamp have access to private Slack channels, so they can take part in instant messaging. The platform allows students to discuss course topics instantly and network with classmates and professors anytime, without compromising the privacy of their personal information.

Unparalleled Instruction

Choosing an online coding bootcamp doesn’t mean sacrificing a thorough and captivating educational experience. The Software Guild is committed to providing the same instruction to both its on-ground and online courses. Led by a group of instructors with an average of 10 years of industry experience, The Software Guild’s online coding bootcamp offers a career-focused curriculum and is packed with thought-provoking assignments and engaging opportunities to establish relevant skills.

And when it comes to additional assistance, students have access to online mentoring. Increase your skills and take a closer look at course materials with a Software Guild mentor online.

An Affordable Route to a Successful Future

The Software Guild’s online coding bootcamp is now offered to students at a reduced rate. At a cost of nearly 25 percent less than on-ground coding bootcamp tuition, The Software Guild’s online programs have never been more affordable. In addition, online students don’t have housing costs and other living expenses that may come with attending an in-person coding bootcamp.

For women, veterans and active military members, the online coding bootcamp may be even more affordable. As a way to shrink the tech skills gap and increase the diversity of professionals in this field, The Software Guild is proud to offer the $2,000 Veterans Who Code and Women in Tech scholarships.

Discover the Possibilities with The Software Guild

The decision to enroll in a coding bootcamp may be difficult, but choosing the right bootcamp is simple. Designed to prepare students for the real world of coding, The Software Guild offers programs in .NET/C# and Java, two of the most in-demand programming languages. At The Software Guild, you’ll get an unbeatable online coding bootcamp experience, and you’ll have the opportunity to excel on your own time — from anywhere.