As a veteran leaving the military, a new world of possibilities is immediately at your fingertips. As you transition to civilian life, you now have the opportunity to pursue your interests and discover new career paths. And although you gained invaluable skills and knowledge during your time in the military, you may not qualify for many careers without higher education or specific career training.

Earning a college degree can take several years, but gaining the skills to become a junior software developer can take as little as 12 weeks when you complete a coding bootcamp at The Software Guild. Focused on one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, this new type of career training program touches all the bases of software development to transform tech novices into career-ready professionals as quickly as possible. And now, when you enroll in a coding bootcamp at The Software Guild, you can reap the benefits of your GI Bill®.

Why Use Your GI Bill® at The Software Guild?

With the approval of the Kentucky Approving Agency for Veterans Education, The Software Guild is now accepting GI Bill® benefits from qualifying applicants for its on-campus bootcamps in Louisville, Kentucky. But this isn’t the only perk The Software Guild has to offer veterans. Take a look at the exclusive factors that make The Software Guild an institution unlike any other and how it’s making coding for veterans easier than ever before.

Learn to Code in 12 Weeks with the GI Bill®
  • Fast-Paced, Career-Focused Programs
    The Software Guild offers full-stack coding bootcamps that cover two of the world’s most in-demand coding languages. You can choose between .NET/C# and Java as your bootcamp focus and complete the program in just 12 weeks. Classes meet Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Exceptional Graduate Success Rate
    According to a Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) report, 69% of The Software Guild’s Louisville campus students go on to land new tech careers within 180 days of graduation. Not to mention, their median annual salary is $60,000.
  • Extensive Employer Network
    As a student, you’ll have exclusive access to The Software Guild’s vast network of more than 450 employers. Upon graduation, you’ll be invited to a special networking event featuring speed interviews and opportunities to discuss future tech employment with company representatives.
  • Student Living
    If you need temporary accommodations, The Software Guild will help make arrangements for you to stay at The Quad Apartments, located just a short walk from campus.
  • National Recognition
    In 2017, The Software Guild was listed among the country’s best coding bootcamp programs by SwitchUp and Course Report.

Learn to Code in 12 Weeks with the GI Bill®Coding for Veterans: Military Background and Coding Skills

As a veteran, when it comes to choosing a new career, your military skills and experience will certainly come in handy in the tech field. Along with quick decision making, complex reasoning and dedication, successful service members and tech professionals have many of the same career skills.

  • Critical Thinking and High-Risk Problem Solving
    While the military prioritizes critical thinking as a necessary proficiency, it is also prized in the tech field. Critical-thinking skills are vital when fully understanding complex program concepts and faced with the task of quickly solving technical issues.
  • Leadership and Self-Direction
    The ability to take control and lead others in combat is important for military personnel; it’s also important for software developers to have similar talents. Tech professionals must display leadership skills when it comes to recognizing errors and helping colleagues solve them.
  • Discipline and Persistence
    Similar to military procedures and policies, tech programs and coding methods change often. Both coders and service members must be willing to continue learning and adapt to swift changes.

A Transition to Civilian Life

The Software Guild makes coding for veterans and their family members easier and more affordable than ever before. Contact your agency to learn which GI Bill® benefits you qualify for and how they can help you learn to code in just 12 weeks at The Software Guild’s Louisville campus.

Apply today or contact The Software Guild’s dedicated team of enrollment counselors for more information about Java or .NET/C#, bootcamp start dates and housing accommodations. Apply what you learned in the military to what you’ll learn at The Software Guild — and help fill the tech skills gap.