Day One

Feeling good from getting some extra sleep this weekend, I roll in to class. We do the usual daily stand- up meeting and TechTalk first thing in the morning. Our first lecture was on DateTime. A little different concept than others, but I know it will sink in eventually. Victor’s rule: give it two weeks. The afternoon lecture was on arrays. Folks, study this beforehand. Get a good grasp on arrays and for loops, it will help so much! I was already familiar with them, and it still confuses me a bit. Practice iterating through an array and printing it out several ways. We also got our first pair project assignment, Battleship! So, it sounds exciting, and it is, but wow! It has a lot of the code already done, and we have to add to it and integrate our code with the existing code. This is much harder than just creating a project from scratch. Understanding what all the pre-written code does is very time consuming. I worked until 7:00 pm on the warm up exercises, finally feel like I’m making progress there….then went back to the Lofts.

Day Two

Today our lecture covered a brand new topic for me, Collections. It went very fast. I will have to review the material tonight to be prepared for the TechTalk tomorrow. It is a very useful topic, so I want to be sure to understand it well. Two semesters of Java at a university, and I don’t think Collections were ever mentioned, much less discussed. (Yes I am in the C# class, but they are similar in many ways.) It’s official: by Week Two, Day Two of The Guild, I have learned more than two semesters in college on one language. It is a bit overwhelming, but I knew I would have to work hard coming in, so I am trying not to let it get to me. I am sure I will be much more overwhelmed in later weeks. I also know there are so many people here to help me understand. So if I struggle, I will just get help. Plus, my classmates are great! DO NOT wait to open up to them! If I am stuck on something I can just turn to the person on either side and hash it out with them. If you are an introvert, plan on breaking out of your shell immediately, because the benefits of doing so will be priceless!

Day Three

The lecture topic today was Classes. I am a bit familiar with this from some of my college classes. We had the end of the afternoon to work on assignments. The biggest issue for me is balancing all the new information with the assignments. Having to prioritize is huge. What may be on the front burner today probably won’t be in two days. The Battleship code is still so intimidating, hopefully after we go over properties it will help a bit also. I still need to practice on the Collections section too.

Day Four

Today we had Classes Part II for our lecture. Learning about the get and set methods was helpful and I will be studying these at length with the Collections, and constructors. There has been a lot of new information for me this week, things that were never mentioned in college. We had the afternoon to work on our Battleship project. My group actually got a splash screen done and a board printed, huge progress! One person in my group is an engineer. Logic as well as workflow comes fairly easy to him, and he seems to understand some concepts that I am still struggling with. No worries though, we work together and he helps me understand little bits at a time. We can’t all get it, all the time, the first time….Study tonight, do some programming and ask more questions tomorrow!

Day Five

Today was a work day. We worked on the Battleship game and actually placed ships on the board! This weekend we are going to go through the written code and comment out what each thing is doing, that will help us keep up with what is going on. Overall, a good day today. Tonight my roommate and I are going to a tea room for a little R & R.

The Weekend

The tea room was great! Afterwards we went to the grocery and picked up some stuff for the week. Then we ended up talking until midnight about how our class is going and just bonding. Saturday a few of the guys from class offered to make dinner and hang out. There were seven of us Saturday night just playing Mario Brothers and decompressing. It was a great time and it really gave us a chance to get to know one another outside the class environment. Sunday, I sat down with a partner on the Battleship assignment and went through the code to help understand it better. I also worked on the exercises as much as possible. Great weekend, and I’m glad I got a bit of decompression time because some big new subjects will be introduced this week!