Day One

Today we went over Enums and LINQ. These concepts are completely new to me, so it was a little bit confusing. We also had a work session in the afternoon to work on Battleship. My group is actually doing really well, I am sure we will be finished by the end of this week. We were also assigned forty new exercises dealing with LINQ. This is great since I know I will need a lot of practice. It seems like a lot of things on my plate, but I am almost finished with the warm-ups (including Arrays), and Battleship is going well. I will actually get to focus on LINQ and get a good grasp on it.

Day Two

Today’s lecture was the third part of Classes. We discussed inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation (although we have been talking about encapsulation before now). This is an important topic and a great time to hash out any issues you may have with classes in general. Don’t get overwhelmed; it takes a while for all this to sink in for most people. There will always be those people in class that have had prior exposure, and will get it instantly, but don’t get discouraged. Sometimes hearing a different point of view helps it sink in.

We are just about finished with our Battleship, and I must say it is pretty amazing. It talks, it has flashing lights, I know you are thinking…so what? Right? Just wait…it’s pretty cool for just a console application. Even though my partner is like a development MacGyver, I still feel accomplished. After all I did come up with the talking part! We will get someone to test it out tomorrow and try to break it. Hopefully that won’t happen!

Day Three

Today’s lecture is on exception handling. I am still struggling with LINQ, so I’m glad exceptions are not that difficult to understand. We had Randall test our Battleship…It didn’t break! Several people tried it out to see and hear our masterpiece. There is so much comradery in our class and everyone is so supportive. I love how we all ask each other, ”how did you do that?” I get along so well with everyone in my class. I laugh when I see a bunch of introverts getting along so well.

I finished my warm-up exercises today! Hooray! Special thanks to classmates, instructors and TAs for getting me over the humps. So glad I am finished with that!

Day Four

Today lecture was about Software Architecture with interesting discussions on the different paths we can take as junior developers. We had the afternoon to work on the LINQ exercises, which is great, I really needed it. I am hoping to get them finished this weekend so I will have a clean plate for next week.

I don’t know why Thursdays are my crap days. But they are. My roommate and I have declared Thursdays ice cream day, I’m pretty sure it is official. Insomnia Cookies is within walking distance folks, actually I could probably crawl there if I had to. We always take our ice cream and cookie to the pool at the Lofts and sit and chat, and just enjoy the outside. There were four of us today. It’s nice to talk informally with the classmates about struggles and just life in general. I am sure I will leave here with new lasting friendships, which is so unexpected!

Day Five

Today was mostly a work day. Victor did help the class with a couple of the LINQ exercises that were tough. It was a great code along and white board session. By request, Randall also did an hour-long session with us going over classes and inheritance. It was originally just a few people, but turned into the whole class. It was a useful review, and offered good opportunities to ask more questions. The remainder of the day we all worked on the LINQ exercises. It is apparent I am not the only one struggling with it. I keep trucking through, and remembering the two-week rule. I do feel that if I use something enough it will sink in. I made good progress on them during work session, and have confidence I will be able to finish this weekend.

My roommate and I have discovered a great little restaurant that serves Pho and oddly enough is a tea house also. This has become our Friday night ritual of relaxation: Pho and tea. Ha! It is so nice to have a relaxing dinner after a long week.

The Weekend

I worked tirelessly on the LINQ exercises all weekend. Good grief. I only have a few left that I am stuck on, so I will get help with them on Monday. I could have used Slack and asked someone, but I figured I would work the ones I could, and do the rest Monday. I almost met my goal of having them all done. No worries though, I am sure I will finish tomorrow. My roommate and I actually hung out in the den this evening and watched a little TV! We are definitely making time to relax, and unwind. We spend so much time working! Time goes by so quickly while you work, you have to carve out time to recharge! Ready to start week four!