Day One

So this is the beginning of what is known as “The Dark Times,” where everything you have learned seems useless and you supposedly feel like a newbie again. Yeah, I’m skeptical … I learned so much while doing the mastery project; I almost feel bulletproof. Let me just say though, I know this feeling will not last … So no worries. I am patiently waiting for the next big “HUH?” to happen. Today the lecture introduced us to Http and web API, definitely a different topic but not unheard of. So far so good. Bring it on!

Day Two

Today was the official introduction of Asp.Net MVC (Model View Controller). Not sure what just happened, but I think it’s supposed to be pretty cool. Yeah, I’m not so bulletproof … told you it wouldn’t last. So basically I know nothing (not really, but it feels that way). My roommate is apparently suffering the same mental state I am, so we didn’t wait until Thursday; it was cookie time today, a whole box of six, and we ate them all. Even in my sugar-induced state, I still have no idea what just happened today. I have a lot of work cut out for me this week. Pretty sure cookies can’t help me now.

Day Three

Everything you think you know, you don’t. Trust me. More lectures on MVC today. We ditched the BLL layer, and we’re slinging views around like pom-poms. It’s a mad world! If this makes no sense to you, no worries, it doesn’t to me either. I know I can get this; I know I can! My TechTalks have been awful this week; today’s was extra awful because I had a horrible headache. Really? Of all the days? It’s as if Victor was Charlie Brown’s teacher all day. I have so much to figure out myself. I am so thankful there is such a good support system here. I am confident that whatever issues I am having will get worked out. We also had a panel of companies speaking to us about different career options this evening. It was informative for sure. There will be so many doors opened after this course is completed. The decision will be difficult!

Day Four

Lecture, lecture, lecture. Oh man is my brain on overload! I cannot believe the amount of information we have been given this week. Our new project will be about two weeks long with the same person. This will be interesting; I am super glad I like everyone in my class! That would not happen in real life. It is odd that we all get along so well. I am ready to get started on the project. Maybe it will help me figure out some of the stuff I am struggling with. The class as a whole seems to be doing fine with all this new information, so I don’t understand why it’s so foreign to me. I am not even sure what questions to ask. I just hope some of this falls into place with the new project. That’s what it’s for, right?

Day Five

Bootstrap, HTML helpers, model binding … oh my! MVC is no joke, folks. This is not your grandmother’s HTML page. It seems so overcomplicated to me, returning models and views, who does what? HUH? There it is, the “HUH?” Oh yeah, there are two models now (hence the “M” in MVC). Here go the pom-poms again. I am still weary of using the “new” model to do all the business logic, but there is no BLL. Also, it is starting to wiggle out that it’s not just me lost in never-never land. I’m not getting such a confident vibe from everyone anymore. At least we got our data layer done for the project today (part of it anyway). This weekend we will hack away at the new stuff and try to get a webpage brewing! My partner loves UI stuff; I am just not feeling it yet. How long before I know if I like it? I want to like it, but I just do not know if I will. Only time will tell. I think maybe I like the bottom of the stack because that is what I am most familiar with. There are always databases; maybe I will like them too. I will find out next week.

The Weekend

So Friday night a few of us went out and cut loose. It was so nice! You have to do this every once and awhile to stay sane. My partner and I worked on the project for a long while on Saturday. It was good! I am still far from confident, but it seems like you just have to push through, trial and error. “Google-then-try-it” is my new motto. We are doing drop-down menus and got a few pages going — still a long way to go, but it is progress. Not real sure if our pace is good, but I’m learning! We have so much to do still, and next week will be all about databases. I hope we will still have some workdays for the project. This has been another overwhelming week. Plus at the start of November, we will start meet-ups with some employers. YIKES! I am so nervous about trying to get a job. I have heard it is easier if you stay within the local employer network, but I really want to try to get a position close to home. I just cannot worry about that yet!