Day One

The anticipation of the unknown is sometimes worse than the known. I was expecting to bang on a keyboard all day today, that’s not at all what happened. Day one was very welcoming and informational . I got to know the instructors and other staff members that will be by my side throughout the class. We went over rules and expectations of the class, from both The Guild’s perspective and the student’s. Then in the afternoon, we had an Intro to C# lecture. Our instructor, Victor, is amazing! He is welcoming and makes you feel comfortable with asking questions. In my class, questions were asked immediately; my group is not shy at all! This first day was not overwhelming, but I do feel like I have a better understanding of what to expect during the next three months. It will be tough, but it is so going to be worth it! All of my angst about coming to The Guild being the right choice disappeared after today!

Day Two

Tuesday we did our first TalkTech, and first stand-up meeting, which are going to happen every morning. The TalkTech is a way for the instructor to measure your progress and understanding from the lectures and labs the day before. You are given 10 minutes to type out your thoughts on a specific subject from the previous day. The stand-up meeting is for everyone to share what they are working on and the progress of it, as well any issues they might be having. The instructor did all the talking today, since we just had a lecture so far. He briefly went over yesterday’s lecture, and what to expect for the day. Today we had a lecture on the basics of C# and a great lecture on Git. Victor is awesome with Git, and was so helpful and patient teaching this topic. It is a hard topic at first, NO WORRIES, you will get it! We paired up with our neighbor and played with text files in git and pushing to Github, and also BitBucket (another remote source control). We were able to experience a merge conflict and resolve it. Overall great day!

Day Three

Part 1

After our daily stand-up and TalkTech, we had two lectures on unit testing with Nunit and types and variables in C#. We used the example CalculatorKata for the class coding example on unit testing, and to be honest, it was very confusing for me. I followed along and coded, but it wasn’t sinking in. Later that day while talking to another classmate (you will get to know people fast) she told me about a template for the testing. I did one example with it, and BOOM! It clicked, I now know how to write test code for my programs and I understand it! This is day three and I am writing test code! Amazing! Three semesters of Computer Science at a university and I didn’t learn nearly as much. I was even able to help a different classmate that was struggling with the same issue. Lesson of the day? Ask questions constantly, to instructors, assistants and classmates. It will pay off!

Part 2

Lots of lectures this week! Victor acknowledged how much information is given in the first couple of weeks, and he was not kidding. It does seem a bit overwhelming, but not unreasonable. Everyone here wants you to be successful and this environment is perfect for an intensive education. Today we covered objects, expressions and operators. This is a lot folks! Victor was reminded that our class is not afraid to ask questions! In my roommate’s class nobody ever talks, but ours is the complete opposite! It makes such a difference. We all collaborate with each other as well, solving problems and answering each other’s questions. I am so glad I am not the only vocal one in here. I scheduled time with a TA for this evening to go over the testing code line by line to be sure I understood. The TA, Randall, was great. He answered all my questions with ease. I am so impressed with the knowledgeable staff here.

Day Four

Today we covered conditionals and loops. Again, a whole lot of questions being asked. So far the only graded assignment due are some practice exercises, but there are a lot of them. We write the snippet of code and then have to write test code for it. I seem to be struggling with some of them on the program side. Looks like I will be scheduling some more TA time! Victor said there will be some lab time next week, so I will probably get some questions answered then as well.

Day Five

Today was all about methods. The lecture took until lunch and we had the rest of the day to work. There have been several coding exercises given but they are not graded. I am focused on getting the practice exercises done, since it is for a grade, then I will devote time to the others. I finished all of the test code on the ones I had done. So glad I know how to do this now! So this weekend I will try to knock out some more exercises. Some may take me a while to figure out. I will book time with Randall if I have big issues this weekend. I can always use Slack to ask a question too. I also have a status email to complete. It tells Victor (and others if needed) “What I understood this week, “what I’m working on”, and “What I am stuck on”. Week one down in the books! I am still thrilled with my choice to come here. Looking forward to what I will learn next week!

The Weekend

I have worked my tail off this weekend. My roommate and I even try to help each other, she is in Java, but it is so similar it helps! I completed a lot of the exercises I have done two other small program exercises also, but I have a few questions before I am happy with the results. I am ready for the Array’s lecture Monday! I think this will clear up some confusion about loops. I have already booked time with Randall for Monday; he is such a great resource. I spoke to Victor this weekend on Slack with a question, and he already answered my status email that I turned in Sunday morning! I had a productive weekend, and ready for a new week!