Day One

Today the lecture was on interfaces. We were also given new partners for a Rock Paper Scissors project. The RPS assignment is not that hard but really gives good practice for the topics regarding Classes and Inheritance. I genuinely enjoy the partner programming (at least so far). It helps so much to have someone to work through issues verbally instead of in your own head. Our class has such a good rapport with each other! Even though we are paired, the “pairs” still all work together as a class. If one group is stuck, half the class is trying to help! My partner and I finished the minimum requirements for this project today. Our only real stumbling block was the unit testing for it. Luckily, the class all came together as usual and we figured it out!

Day Two

So, apparently it was impressive that everyone completed the minimum requirements the first day for RPS. What a good feeling to know that we are all that supportive of each other. Today was a long lecture day. The first topic today was on dependency injection — scary sounding, right? It was actually not bad! We had been doing it for a while, but didn’t know it. We also discussed the UML diagram and what responsibilities each layer in the solution has and how they “talk” to one another. Also introduced were flow chart diagrams and user stories. These will be so beneficial in constructing a good foundation for a project. As a junior-level developer, it will be a tremendous advantage to understand the flow of the UML, diagrams and Agile workflows. I am so excited! We also covered Syatem.IO, which is basically reading and writing to files. This is a brand new topic, so it will take time to get to know the ins and outs of it. All of these topics are to prepare us for the first Mastery next week. YIKES! I was exhausted after today, and so glad we have a MVP (minimum viable product) for RPS already. I was able to finish my LINQ exercises, I just had a few that I couldn’t get to print correctly, now that’s done too. Victor wants everything turned in by this weekend, so we will be able to focus on mastery next week. I am so nervous but excited too.

Day Three

Today we covered more in depth the Agile environment (Trello) and were shown the difference from waterfall environment and Agile. We created an Agile board and learned about Gherkin language for creating user stories. Victor started a project (a banking application) that will help prepare us for mastery next week. He stepped through each layer and showed the difference between building from top down and from bottom up. This really helped the UML sink in and which layer does what. My partner and I worked the rest of the day on the class section we were assigned for the banking app. So many questions arose about scope and how to access what, plus more. It was all very cool.

Day Four

Today we went over scope and access modifiers again to help clear up a lot of the questions we had from yesterday. Victor rocks! He teaches so well and can explain things in a thousand ways. After the review we did a code along on more of the banking app. Then later we paired off again to work on the next step of the application. I think the biggest issue will still be working with the files. I am so glad I have everything else off my plate to focus on the banking app to prepare for mastery. Mostly today we worked on banking app and getting questions ready for tomorrow. Luckily, today was ice cream day! We sat outside again at the pool, taking advantage of the beautiful weather. I am really glad we have made this a ritual; we all enjoy the fresh air!

Day Five

Today was much like yesterday, banking app and questions. This is such good preparation for next week. Victor is great to help us with any issues we have. Late in the afternoon we had a question about files, he totally sat there and worked through it until we understood. He didn’t mind that he was staying late to help, and it was Friday! So this weekend we will all work on the app and even try to create another one. This will be vital practice for next week. It seems that a lot of topics are really coming together. It still amazes me that I learned more in a matter of two to three weeks here than two semesters of college computer science courses. I am still so impressed with how the operation runs here at The Guild. I cannot imagine anyone leaving here without a new skill. If you want to see what you are made of, this is the place to be.

The Weekend

So Friday night a few of us went to Costco to stock up on some groceries, and later went to eat at Skyline Chili. Saturday, after working on the app a bit, my roommate and I went to Cuyahoga Falls park. It was so nice be in nature for a little while, and the Brandywine Falls were gorgeous. We ended up going to a local grocery store called Mustard Seed, which was awesome! We definitely have enough food for a few weeks now. We grilled some chicken back at the Lofts and called it a night. Sunday I met some classmates at The Guild to work on the banking application. We really hashed out some issues which was great. We also went over the requirements for mastery and discussed them a bit. This will definitely be a challenge, but I am looking forward to it!