Many coding bootcamps boast about their abilities to prepare students for tech careers, but students need verifiable data to gauge the authenticity of these claims. This makes data from the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) essential for students who plan to join a coding bootcamp. By documenting outcomes from member schools, CIRR delivers transparent statistics to reveal whether a program’s promises align with what graduates actually achieve.

In an analysis of CIRR outcomes, Tech Elevator identified coding bootcamps that produced the highest job placement rates for programs enrolling 100 or more students in one year. The results appear in an article—How Leading Coding Bootcamps Drive Job Placement—which ranks The Software Guild as a top five CIRR member for job placement.

The Software Guild earned this ranking by helping 90% of graduates land a relevant job within 180 days of graduating a coding bootcamp, per CIRR outcomes spanning July 1, 2017 to Jun 30, 2018. As the article explains, students can use this data to decide if coding bootcamps like The Software Guild’s will successfully prepare them for a career in tech:

“Applicants should be able to trust reported outcomes in order to choose the best school for their needs. As a result, transparency must be fundamental to any educational institution. When bootcamps communicate outcomes in a straightforward, public manner, students are positioned to make informed decisions about their training options.”

Leaders at The Software Guild agree that measurable outcomes are essential to students’ decision-making processes. Erin Frazier, Senior Director of Operations and Marketing at The Software Guild, applauds CIRR for ensuring coding bootcamps offer a clear view of what their students achieve. As she says in the Tech Elevator article:

“CIRR brings together bootcamps that are committed to quality and transparency so that students can make the best decisions for their investment in education. Members of CIRR are leaders in the bootcamp industry—as well as competitors—that choose to come together to share ideas and set best practices because they share the same ‘student-first’ values. CIRR not only provides a window into individual programs, but it also enables trends in the industry to be looked at from a global perspective.”

As a founding member of CIRR, The Software Guild commits to equipping students with information needed to choose a coding bootcamp that fits their career goals. Even better, taking

part in CIRR reports gives an opportunity to showcase the superior training, career support, and value that students receive by joining The Software Guild.

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