“Everyone should learn to code.” It’s a popular thing to say in the media, but I don’t really agree with such a blanket statement. Not everyone will work in jobs that benefit from being able to code. Not everyone even likes to write code. In fact, most people don’t, and that is OK. However, The Software Guild believes that everyone should have the opportunity to try coding. So now you can get started and learn to code for free in the four modules that make up our Introduction to Web Development online course!

Now, we realize that there are other options for getting started with coding, so the real question is why someone who is interested in coding should use our free course. There are a few compelling reasons for getting started with the Guild.

We have years of experience creating materials.

We have been teaching learners to code since 2013. In that time, we have learned a lot about how to present material and provide users with enough information to get them started, but not so much information that they can go on autopilot and not be challenged by the materials. Too often, beginner materials attempt to encourage learners by telling them exactly what to type and take a paint-by-numbers approach to learning. While this gives the illusion of learning, many people find that once they finish the lessons and the guardrails are removed, they are not capable of using the skills they felt they should have learned.

We have an online community to help you.

After signing into the course, you will receive a link to our Slack server. Slack is a great tool for online collaboration, and you will find other learners, our alumni and even some Guild staff members on the server. This gives you an opportunity to ask questions about concepts in the materials and get the extra help and motivation that come from being part of a community. While we try not to overtly give out answers, we will try to steer you in the right direction. Learning how to troubleshoot your issues is a key developer skill for success in the field. So we like to simulate learning as closely as possible to that environment.

It prepares you for auditioning into the Guild. (Edit: An audition is no longer a standard part of The Software Guild admissions process).

The Guild is one of the most successful and selective bootcamps in the world. Our employer network partners rarely hire just one graduate; they come to The Guild for current and future hiring needs. The way we keep our employers happy is by giving them access to alumni who have proven their aptitude, drive and preparedness. Also, it is our goal to keep our graduation rate high because that is what is best for our students. Enrolling in a learning program that you are not ready for is a waste of time and money. Our audition process helps us identify whether you are a good fit for our program, which helps protect you as a consumer and helps us have the maximum impact on people who are ready for our intensive programs. The audition is solely based on materials we cover in Introduction to Web Development, so to maximize your chances of acceptance, we strongly encourage you to complete the course.

We look forward to seeing you in Slack and giving you the opportunity to get started on your coding journey!

Coding Bootcamps from The Software Guild

Interested in learning the in-demand skills required to become a developer? The Software Guild’s coding bootcamps help apprentices like you gain experience building full-stack applications from start to finish using .NET/C# or Java. With locations in Akron, Minneapolis and Louisville, we provide an intensive learning environment to teach you the hands-on skills required to begin a successful development career.

If you are ready to learn more, check out our guide to The Software Guild for an in-depth look at the curriculum, format, application process and everything else you need to know.