The Software Guild’s first 2019 report to the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) is live. The report presents student and graduate outcomes for both of our training locations during the most recent reporting period. Highlights includes strong job placement rates and competitive annual salaries for our graduates.

Employment Results of Graduates

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As a CIRR member, The Software Guild reports data for students who attend our coding bootcamps. This means you can trust our outcomes to be verified, transparent, and accurate.

Most Frequent Job Titles for Graduates in Louisville

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The CIRR report demonstrates that we provide core skills for a career in tech. Roles that recent graduates earned include software developer, developer, software engineer, and full-stack engineer.

Most Frequent Job Titles for Graduates in Minneapolis

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Of course, numbers tell only part of the story. Check out our Graduate Spotlights to explore the boost that our training provides to our graduates’ lives and careers.