Programming newcomers need more than technical skills to land a role as a software developer. This is why The Software Guild delivers complete career support during online and in-person bootcamps. It’s the secret ingredient of our graduates’ success.

The Software Guild’s career support is led by our employer network managers, Jacob Knight and Kipp Graham. Knight leverages his background in large-scale web development and building relationships to help junior developers break into the industry. Graham taps into valuable experience as a former technical recruiter to prepare apprentices for a rewarding career. Together, they can help you:

  • Show off an eye-catching portfolio
    It’s no surprise that employers want to see the quality of a developer’s work before extending a job offer. That’s why our instructors immerse apprentices in portfolio-caliber projects throughout our online and in-person bootcamps. This includes full-stack applications that demonstrate the range of programming skills gained during training.
  • Develop your résumé and social profile
    Our employer network managers present strategies to help you stand out among other candidates. For instance, they’ll share ways to optimize your résumé to showcase your expertise and boost your chances of securing an interview. Plus, you’ll learn to develop compelling social profiles to make a great first impression on LinkedIn.
  • Access our exclusive employer network
    The people you know can make all the difference to your job search. With guidance from our employer network managers, graduates can tap into a network of more than 450 employers. Through this network, graduates can qualify for a wealth of job openings, make connections with hiring managers, and find their ideal job.

Career support begins while apprentices are enrolled in our coding bootcamps. However, the assistance we provide can continue beyond graduation.

“We strive to help you find a job while you’re enrolled and immediately after graduation,” Graham said. “But if you’re looking for a new role later in your career, reach out to us. We can continue coaching you and connecting you with employers for relevant positions.”

Employment Solutions Tailored to Your Goals

The Software Guild trains apprentices who have varying career experience and goals. Our employer network managers work directly with apprentices to identify what they want to achieve and tailor support to individual needs.

“Our team takes time to learn about you and your career goals,” Knight said. “We’ll review your current résumé and refine it to present qualifications that boost your ability to earn the job you want.”

During this process, your goals become our goals, and we dedicate time to preparing you to succeed. Beyond creating a winning résumé and portfolio, we help you make valuable connections with other tech professionals.

“Networking with established software developers is crucial to your job search,” Knight said. To showcase apprentice’s skills, he works with them to create profiles on GitHub, an online platform where you can showcase your code skills. “On GitHub, you can share bootcamp projects with hiring managers who want to see how you write code versus simply taking your word for it. This lets them see how you think about problems and try to solve them.”

Effective networking and preparation can lead to the next step of your job search—an interview. To ensure you put your best foot forward, our employer network managers lead practice sessions dedicated to refining your interview skills.

“Our bootcamps include mock interviews that focus on presenting your best self to employers,” Graham said. “These sessions incorporate expert tips from employer managers and IT staffing firms to improve your performance during interviews.”

Access Job Opportunities in Nearly Every Field

By becoming a software developer, you can acquire a well-paid job beyond tech companies. Employers in nearly every industry hire developers, according to research from Stack Overflow. This means you don’t have to relocate to a tech hotbed after you complete our bootcamp. Instead, we’ll work to connect you with employers in our exclusive network, which includes top companies in numerous economic sectors and U.S. cities.

“We help graduates begin careers at companies that are the right fit for their needs,” Knight said. “Our graduates have gone from our bootcamp to Fortune 500 companies, as well as startups with less than a dozen people.”

By taking time to learn apprentices’ goals, The Software Guild helps them pursue employment at companies that align with their personality and career needs. “Everyone defines their ideal company differently. By getting to know you, we can help you search for a company with the culture you’re looking for,” Knight said.

Support That Drives Your Success

As our March 2019 outcomes show, our career support fully prepares graduates to enter tech fields. According to that report, 87.6% of graduates earned a relevant job within 180 days of completing our Minneapolis bootcamp. And 80% of our Louisville graduates landed a job within the same period.

“The Software Guild has one of the best job placement rates in the industry,” Graham said. “This is fueled by the preparation, coaching, and networking opportunities we provide to graduates.”

Graham added that you can trust The Software Guild’s outcomes, as they’re independently verified. “Many companies do not publish career outcome numbers, or they use their own math to bolster statistics,” he said. “The Software Guild’s outcomes are reported to the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting. This ensures data is transparent and confirmed for accuracy.”

The Software Guild achieves industry-leading job placement rates by delivering complete assistance to graduates, Knight said. “We keep in touch after graduation to offer strategies and boost your chances for success,” he said. “As your guide, your advisor, and your coach, The Software Guild is here to push you every step of the way.”

Ready to work toward a career in software development? Start with your Level 1 badge in our Digital Coding Badges program. Training takes place online, but you’ll experience the same rigorous instruction and career support offered by our in-person bootcamps. Plus, you’ll only pay for the badges you want while earning discounts each time you earn a bad