You’ve taken the proper steps to achieve your career goals and now your future as a professional coder is just up ahead on the horizon. While unlimited career potential and the key to long-term stability await you, it’s now time to focus on the immediate journey ahead: completing your coding bootcamp with The Software Guild.

As explained by blogger and coding professional, Codergirl_, your success in a coding bootcamp will ultimately set the stage for your success as a professional coder. And while your coding bootcamp can be completed in as little as 12 weeks, the instruction packed into every lesson requires your complete attention. How can you successfully complete a coding bootcamp when you’re also balancing all of life’s other responsibilities? We asked graduates of The Software Guild to explain.

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1. Believe in yourself.

Packed full of intricate information, hands-on practice, and tasking assignments, coding bootcamps are designed to put your dedication and capabilities to the test. Just remember that your hard work will pay off in the end. With a 92.5% success rate for placing graduates in coding careers after completing the program, The Software Guild reassures students that hard work produces positive results.

2. Ask your instructors.

Instructors employed by The Software Guild average 10 years of experience working in the tech industry. They know their stuff and they want to help you know yours, too. Discuss your education and career intentions with your instructors and let them help you plan realistic goals to achieve success.

3. Three Words: Exclusive Employer Network

Dreaming of a technical role in a major corporation? How about landing a tech career with your favorite professional sports team? Graduates of The Software Guild have achieved these goals and more with help from the program’s extensive network of more than 450 tech employers. Students gain exclusive access to each employer and are given opportunities to meet and interview company representatives and submit resumes for newly available positions.

4. Get a head start.

Before diving into your coding bootcamp, make sure you complete all pre-work and requirements, including The Software Guild’s free online Intro to Web Development course. Designed to allow students to test the waters before diving in headfirst, this course will give you a glimpse into what to expect from coding bootcamp and your future tech career.

5. Limit distractions.

Whether you complete The Software Guild’s 12-week coding bootcamp on campus, or the 10-month online program, your course work is going to require a significant amount of your time. Temporarily limit unnecessary distractions and make sure your family, your roommate, and even your online gaming friends understand your priorities as a student.

6. Take a break.

As you prioritize your course work, don’t forget to prioritize self-care. Take the occasional break from studying and make sure you’re setting aside time to exercise, eat well, and get plenty of sleep.

7. Keep your eyes on the prize.

To remain focused on the career success waiting at the end of a coding bootcamp, many students promise themselves a reward after graduation. Whether it’s with a tropical vacation to clear your mind, a shopping spree at your favorite store to build a professional wardrobe, or dinner at a five-star restaurant funded by your first paycheck from your new career, take pride in yourself and always remember that your success is something to celebrate.

Earn Your Success with The Software Guild

By offering coding bootcamps online and on campus in Louisville, Kentucky. and Minneapolis, Minnesota, The Software Guild is working diligently to fill the widening tech skills gap by transforming novices into coding professionals as quickly as possible. Students choose instruction based on either Java or .NET/C# and gain the skills and qualifications it takes to land a career as a junior developer in as little as 12 weeks. Discover the unlimited opportunities that await you at The Software Guild.