Since 2011, Stack Overflow has served as one of the most popular online resources for aspiring developers. The site gathers information based on experiences of thousands of verified professional developers to provide honest answers to questions regarding coding, development, tech education and careers in the industry. Stack Overflow also serves as a resource to prospective coders by supplying information on new developer career listings from all over the world.

As part of its data collection efforts, Stack Overflow conducts an annual user survey that includes a variety of questions. Regarding the work, salaries, education and most popular technologies for developers, the survey is a window into the changing world of code. In January 2018, more than 100,000 developers participated in the 30-minute survey, making it the most successful in Stack Overflow history. And because of the large number of participants, the survey’s results now serve as some of the most trusted data available on the topic.

Years of Coding Professionally

As part of the survey, participants were asked several questions focused specifically on their personal experiences in the tech industry. One question asked how long the individual had been working professionally as a developer. The results shed light on how rapidly the tech industry is growing.

• More than 33% of participants reported learning how to code professionally within just the last five years. • Of this group, 30.1% reported that they have been coding professionally for less than two years.

 How Programmers Learn to Code

One question on this year’s survey asked developers to provide information on their tech education and professional training. According to results, more than 10 percent of all participants reported receiving their education through a full-time developer training bootcamp. Such bootcamps offer the opportunity to quickly transform from novice to professional, which is attractive to many aspiring developers.

An increasing number of tech employers now favor graduates of coding bootcamps, like those offered by The Software Guild, because of the career-specific skills they provide. Designed to train new developers as quickly as possible, these programs also often offer affordable tuition and a typical completion time of less than one year. And because a computer science degree is not required to land a career as a professional developer, coding bootcamps have become especially attractive to professionals in different fields who are striving to completely change their careers. Coding bootcamps offer a new type of educational program to students who have previously earned degrees in non-technical fields and do not have the time or finances to support earning another four-year degree.

The Software Guild Curriculum Continues to Be Relevant

Before enrolling in a tech education program, it’s important to understand that not all bootcamps cover the same material. Many are focused on one specific coding language to prepare students for roles in the companies that use them. According to Stack Overflow’s research, Java and C# are among the top languages used by professional developers worldwide.

  • • 45.3% of participants use Java on a professional basis • 34.4% of participants use C# on a professional basis

The Software Guild prepares its students for roles in the tech companies they’re interested in by offering a .NET/C# bootcamp along with a bootcamp in Java. Focusing on full-stack web development, these coding bootcamps provide the skills necessary to become a successful developer for companies spanning all industries.

Documentation is Everything

Through a question asking participants how they teach themselves new information, it’s now clear that official documentation is one of the biggest resources used by developers when learning about new coding advancements. In fact, 83 percent of participants report reading official documentation for technical products they were working on.

According to the 2017 survey results, many coding instructors, including those employed by The Software Guild, require students to use official resources when conducting coding tasks. Understanding how to analyze official data helps students further their coding knowledge years into their careers. As stated by a Software Guild instructor, “By forcing our students to use these resources, we are effectively teaching them how to learn in the field. It’s good for their career.”

Finding a Job After Bootcamp

Typical of students completing any educational program, coding bootcamp graduates are eager to begin their careers as soon as possible. Of the survey’s respondents who reported graduating from a coding bootcamp in the last five years, the majority landed a new position immediately after graduation.

The Software Guild helps the majority of our students achieve this outcome through our extensive network of tech employers and career preparation resources, including interview practice and portfolio-building support. More than 88 percent of students who completed a coding bootcamp at either of The Software Guild’s campuses landed a new career within the 180 days following graduation.

• Louisville, KY Campus job placement rate: 88.9% • Minneapolis, MN job placement rate: 94.1%

Coding as a Hobby

While many of the survey’s participants work full-time as developers, not everyone who provided answers uses coding as their primary source of income. Some are part-time developers, freelance developers, have ended their coding career to move into a different field, or code as a hobby. With the increasing popularity of the profession combined with the ease of learning the trade, coding is quickly becoming a popular hobby for professionals spanning all industries.

Coding as a Hobby

Employment Outlook is Good for Developers

As technology continues to advance, the number of available developer careers has quickly outgrown the number of available professional developers. In a 2016 report published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of these available careers is expected to grow 24 percent by 2026, making this one of the fastest-growing workforces in the world and one of the most financially promising industries to enter.

Employment Status for Developers

Become a Professional Developer with The Software Guild

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