Continue Your Programming Education With a Trusted Partner

The Software Guild is here to help you with your career goals, whether it’s getting a job or continuing your software development education with the added credential of a certificate, diploma or bachelor’s degree. That’s why we’ve partnered with Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) to give our apprentices a way to leverage their experience and finish their degree faster for ongoing success. Best of all, JCTC accepts transfer credits from The Software Guild, so graduates of our program can use the lessons learned with us and apply them to the next step in their education.

JCTC offers flexible, affordable programs in Computer and Information Technologies, including Associate in Applied Science: Computer & Information Technologies, ideal for Software Guild apprentices ready to take their training to the next level. You learned the basics. Now, build on that foundation with a program designed to give you hands on experience you need to design, maintain and use different computing technologies.

Graduates of The Software Guild Benefit From:

  • Credit equivalency with JCTC courses
  • Transfer credits and get your degree or certification for less
  • Learn from qualified instructors at TSG
  • Access to The Software Guild’s Employer Network of over 450 hiring members

Jefferson Community and Technical College’s Programs in Computer and Information Technologies

The Computer & Information Technologies (CIT) Program offers Associate in Applied Science Degrees (AAS) & Workforce Certificates. This curriculum is supported by a solid foundation of core courses and specialized tracks that focus on implementation and problem-solving skills for Computer & Information Technology professionals.

Jefferson Community & Technical College is much more than buildings and programs: we’re a community where students find confidence, collaboration, compassion and success.

Learn more about JCTC’s Programs in Computer and Information Technologies by visiting JCTC Online.

Affiliate Certification Course JCTC CAR Program Course Credit Hours Badge
Completion of All Core Courses CIT 120 Computational Thinking 3 cred hrs 1-4
Intro to Object Oriented Programming CIT 143 C# I or CIT 149 Java I 3 cred hours (per chosen language) 1,2
Front End Web Design CIT 155: Web Page Development 3 cred hrs 3
Database Design CIT 170 Database Design Fundamentals 3 cred hrs 4
Back-End Web Development CIT 253 Data Driven Web Pages 3 cred hrs 3,4