Contact Information

Name: Larry Luangrath
Preferred Form of Contact: text, e-mail

Larry Luangrath

I joined the guild in September 2015 as a Mentor for the Java cohorts. I graduated from Neumont University with a bachelors degree in Computer Science. Similar to the Software Guild, Neumont offers an accelerated program in which I was able to achieve my degree in 2 years. I have 8 years of experience working in software. I started my career at a digital marketing agency as a .NET Developer at Ratchet. I worked in a variety of industries at this agency from insurance and banking to large trucking companies, helping develop middle tier solutions across these industries. I mainly developed my .NET and Java capabilities here and created valuable solutions using both technologies. My peers tell me that I am a great all around developer since I have experience in different languages outside of .NET/Java and can adapt very quickly to new technologies.

I am currently a technical lead at Carmichael Lynch, I play an important role in making sure our development teams adhere to standards set by our tech team. I spend 3-4 hours a few times a week outside of Carmichael Lynch mentoring students in the Java class. I enjoy mentoring the students because I relate closely to their experience in the Software Guild. They learn in a fast paced environment and need to adapt very quickly in learning to develop software and the environment around it. They also share my passion for technology and continuing to learn new things.

Outside of my career, I enjoy a few different hobbies. I’m a huge car fan. I love working on my car and I’ve developed software solutions for my own personal use to monitor different components of the engines in my past cars. I also love fishing, hiking, traveling and just enjoying the outdoors.