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Name: Austyn Hill
Preferred Form of Contact: e-mail

Austyn Hill

Austyn Hill joined the Software Guild team as a Lead Java instructor in August ’15. Prior to coming to the Guild, she served as an IT Analyst at SMC3 working with their Java Webservices for rating and other web applications. Previously, this Louisville native returned home Seattle WA to open and operate the small home business L.E.M.R.S. based in the Highlands doing both record management and free lance design and web work. Beforehand, after completing her collegiate studies and receiving a B.S. in Computer Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she had pursued a career at Microsoft in Redmond as an SDET on the PlayReady team, learning about mobile, test and DRM architectures and operations.

Austyn also enjoys working with the local game and tech meet-ups and has most recently become a founding member in Louisville Makes Games. However, she is also is happy to take some time out from her primarily technologic focus to re-center on her love of the artistic and musical serving on the Board Committee for Bourbon Baroque.