Admission to The Software Guild

At The Software Guild, we are committed to the success of our students. By ensuring our apprentices are prepared for the rigorous nature of our program, and our high expectations, we are able to accept, and graduate students who are prepared to succeed in the workforce. In particular, we look for three traits in our applicants:

  1. High Aptitude

  2. High Drive

  3. High Preparedness

Our admissions process is intended to help us gauge these traits so that when applicants enroll, we are confident that with proper effort and dedication to our program, they can meet expectations and standards for junior-level development work.

Admissions Process Overview

We are in the process of transitioning to the new admissions process outlined below in late 2016 through early 2017. If you have any questions about the current admissions steps required, please speak with our Enrollment Counselors directly.

To be admitted as an apprentice in our program, you must complete our admissions process before the cohort start date. Due to high demand, we recommend you complete your admissions process at least five weeks prior to the cohort start date.

The admissions process is comprised of the following steps:

1. Fill out the Application on our Site

Filling out the application kicks off the admissions process.  There is no obligation for filling out this form, it simply gets you into our system so an enrollment counsellor can contact you and help facilitate this new chapter in your life.

Please be mindful that as a program created by professionals to prepare professionals that we take into account all interactions with our staff, whether by phone, email, chat, or in-person meetings. Our admissions process is similar to a job interview process and it is a good idea as a prospective apprentice to approach it with the same consideration that you would give an employer.

2. Complete the Admissions Interview

An admissions interview is conducted with one of our enrollment counsellors.  This interview is the first real impression we have of you as an applicant.  As part of our focus on professional conduct we expect our applicants to show their interest and commitment to learning to code via timely responses to scheduling and approaching the process with enthusiasm!

During the interview we will cover any questions you might have about the program as well as ask some of our own.  Our goal is to ensure that you as an applicant understand what our challenging programs offer (and what you are getting yourself into).

3. Complete the Aptitude Assessment Test

The aptitude assessment test is designed to measure whether an applicant has the meta skills that we have linked to success in our program.  Think of the test as a mix between a SAT math test and an IQ test.  The questions on this test are not computer specific, but expect some basic algebra, pattern recognition, logical deduction, and abstract thinking.

The aptitude test is timed and allows 1 hour for completion.  It has a high correlation with being able to cope with the rigorous pace of our program.

Applicants who score a 16 on the aptitude test will be able to enroll and pay the registration fee. All applicants will also need to complete the Introduction to Web Development course if they have not already done so.

Applicants who score below a 16 on the aptitude test will be required to pass an audition in addition to taking Introduction To Web Development to be accepted.

About the audition:

Some applicants will be required to pass an audition so that we can more accurately determine their preparedness for The Software Guild. The audition is ONLY REQUIRED for applicants who score below a 16 on the aptitude assessment portion of the admissions process.

The audition portion of the admissions process involves a one-on-one virtual coding session with an instructor. This session is a paired programming session where you will be asked to complete a task based on the materials covered in the Introduction to Web Development course. Applicants must go through the material before auditioning.

Because the paired session is virtual we ask that you have a webcam, microphone, and high speed internet connection available.

4. Introduction to Web Development

After taking the aptitude assessment, ALL applicants will then be required to complete our Introduction to Web Development course.

Introduction to Web Development is used to prepare students for the rigorous pace of the coding bootcamp, and for the audition portion of our admissions process. For those that are asked to audition, you will be asked to solve a web development coding challenge based on the materials in the introduction course. Applicants who score below a 16 on the aptitude assessment will need to review this course material before their audition.

The goals of the Introduction to Web Development course are:

  • To establish a baseline of knowledge for incoming apprentices.
  • To allow potential applicants to get a feel for what web development is like.
  • To allow Guild staff to assess the knowledge and retention of the competencies covered in the course as pre-requisites for the program.

Introduction to Web Development builds a foundation that our bootcamp programs build upon which includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It also covers concepts such as how the web works and common developer tools such as the command line and Git.

You will have some support during this course via our chatroom channels where you can interact with Guild staff and peers while you learn.
On average, the Introduction to Web Development course takes six full weeks to complete at 10-20 hours per week.

Admissions FAQ

How long does it take to complete the Introduction to Web Development course?

It depends on how much time you have to dedicate to it and your prior experience (if any). At 10-20 hours per week, we expect it to take about six weeks. If you have prior experience, you will likely complete the material much faster.

What if I do poorly on the aptitude assessment?

The aptitude assessment is an indicator of readiness for our program, but it is not the only factor we consider. If you score beneath the recommended threshold but do well on the other portions of the admissions process, it is possible to make it into the program.

If I do poorly in the admissions process, does that mean I can’t code?

With time and effort, you may learn to code regardless of your performance in our admissions process. What it does mean is that the pace and rigor of our program is not appropriate for you at this time.

If I fail the audition, can I try again?

If you fail the audition, you will receive feedback on where your current competencies do not meet expectations. If you take the time and effort to master those competencies, you can attempt another audition when you are ready.

Why are there so many steps in the process?

There are many examples of educational institutions that put tuition dollars first and student outcomes second. We are not one of those institutions. Our admissions goal is to make sure that we maximize the chances of a successful outcome for every apprentice who enrolls in our program.

What if I am interested in Java and .NET/C#?

When apprentices graduate from The Software Guild in Java or .NET/C#, the curriculum of the course they did not take will become available for FREE. In this way apprentices have access to both web development tracks for the cost of one. While there is no direct instructor feedback, support is available on the Software Guild slack channel. This curriculum is not in-class but provided online.

Getting Started

We’re excited that you took the time to review our admissions process. As you can see, the process allows us to evaluate the aptitude, drive and preparedness of our applicants. One of the great things about our program is the wide variety of people who have successfully completed it!

Your career is waiting! Start your application today!