A Guild for the 21st Century

In medieval Europe, guilds were developed to bring skilled craftsmen together to share their knowledge and ensure that consistent quality was provided. Those who wanted to learn the craft became apprentices, who through careful instruction and close supervision developed the skills needed for entry into the guild.

Now, there’s a guild for the 21st century, one that focuses on software development. We don’t teach students; instead, our master craftsmen share their knowledge with apprentices, who then turn that knowledge into the skills needed for a stable and lucrative career. Level up your career with a model of learning that has been effective for centuries.


About Our Program

The Software Guild is an intensive, fast-paced apprenticeship program where you learn to be a software developer. In this full-time, 12-week or part-time 10-14 month course, you will learn either .NET/C# or Java and acquire the skills needed for junior-level developer positions. The course, which includes face-to-face lectures, hands-on experience and labs, enables you to build a strong portfolio to aid in your job search.

What is important to our apprentices looking for their first job is having a skill set that is widely attractive to employers. For this reason, we offer learning programs in both .NET/C# and Java. These two stacks are stable, proven, and in the highest demand in the enterprise.

In many cases our apprentices have had exposure to programming prior to enrolling in our program. We do a deep dive into the latest techniques so we’ll make sure your skills are up to date. Plus, with small cohort sizes we can personalize our instruction based on your current skill level.

For more experienced developers we offer an online, mobile development for Android course perfect for developers with previous experience in Java or another related language.

What It’s Like

Apprentices have described our in-person program as “drinking from a fire hose.” In 12 weeks, we are going to give you a solid foundation not only in writing code, but also using the same tools, techniques, and technologies that are needed by the industries that drive our economy— health care, finance, retail, manufacturing, e-commerce and insurance— just to name a few. Our commitment to your success means all apprentices have to take an aptitude test before beginning the program; not only do we measure your coding skills, but also your willingness to learn and your drive to succeed. Our online apprentices receive the same high-quality curriculum in a less-intensive 10-14 month format.

The Software Guild – Student Interviews from The Learning House on Vimeo.

What Sets Us Apart

Not all coding bootcamps are created equal. Some of the unique benefits of becoming a Guildie include:

  • Being qualified to succeed. Before becoming an apprentice, all candidates must take an aptitude test, which helps us determine whether a candidate can be successful in a fast-paced learning environment like ours.
  • Becoming part of a community for the long term. After completing our program, you will be invited to join our professional network and interact with past, present, and future guild members.
  • Being an apprentice, not a student. We embrace the traditional Master/Apprentice model, where apprentices learn practical, relevant skills that apply outside of the classroom. And as in the traditional guild model of old, our master instructors are highly qualified, each with more than 10 years of industry experience.
  • Learning in small classes. Classes typically feature a 1:12 student/teacher ratio.
  • Affordability. Our cohort costs thousands less than competitors teaching similar stacks.
  • Soft skills training. Because we are committed to developing masters of the trade, apprentices learn more than coding. They also receive training in critical soft skills such as networking and resume writing.
  • Access to employers. We have more than 400 employers in our hiring network, with more being added every day.
  • Developing a broad skill set. Apprentices learn more than just web development; after their time in the Guild, apprentices have gone on to work in a number of technology-related roles.

Guild For Life

Know that when you join The Software Guild, you are establishing relationships now and in the future. After completing our program you will be invited to join our professional network and interact with past, present, and future guild members. Our door is always open to our members, and if you should happen to not be placed immediately you are welcome to spend additional time learning and growing with us for free. We are committed to your success!